A picture is a thousand words

Film made by Anneke van Veen (Bureau van Veen, Dordrecht & ambassador Water of Vereniging GDO) & Reinier Frölke BSc. 2019
Welcome to the farm. Swedish 4H and the Swedish National Veterinary Institute. 2018
City Harvest Festivals London. 2018
Het Neerhof City Farm (B) lunch project 2017
Broadcasting Radio Television Hong Kong (BRTHK) filming in Stuttgart. March 2016
Chicken Caravan 2016. Good Practice
Farmworkers with learning difficulties teach school children on Oan Köbbes care farm in Maastricht, NL. 2015
Vauxhall City Farm, London. 2015. Not your average day in the city
SBA-Raglio City Farm. Passo Trotto Galoppo. Italy 2014
La Ferme Pedagogique. Morocco 2014
City Farms are more important than ever. 4H Sweden 2013
Zero waste with donkeys. 2012
Playing for life - Bund der Jugendfarmen und Aktivspielplätze (English version) Germany 2012.
Schleswig horses in Luebeck. EFCF conference 2012
Animals at the city farm
A hutch is not enough. 2011 www.rabbitwelfare.co.uk