­The “Database of good practice” shows examples of city farm work all over Europe. We constantly work on our guidance papers, which give advice on various topics such as biodiversity and the creation of a new city farm.

Call for Good Practice documents

Help make the EFCF website a beacon of city farm good practice. Many city farms have tried and tested ideas, ways of working, projects, designs, solutions to a practical problem that work!

Please share these ideas, projects and solutions.
The format is simple, we need two pages:

Page 1 contains the WHAT, WHY, HOW and WHERE (website, of the project. Not more than 700 words.
Page 2 only contains visuals like digital photographs, drawing, plan, diagram, cartoon or a combination of these.

Downloads as short films, booklets etc can be added. Don’t worry about the right wording in English. We can help.

Lectures and assistance

On request the EFCF­ delivers lectures and takes part in discussions, meetings and conferences.

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The EFCF produces a number of documents for the benefit of its members, as well other community groups, people interested in the work of the movement and potential visitors or volunteers. These documents are copyrighted to the EFCF. Please let yourself be inspired!

If you do share the information in them, or take extracts from them to use in another publication (e.g. from booklets), then please remember to give us a credit, reward us with new examples and/or a donation. If you are not sure about this, please contact us.