The mission of the European Federation of City Farms (EFCF) is to work with our members through city farming to actively build a future in which their community lives in harmony with nature; by enhancing their local city farm’s and communities natural environment through mainly biodiversity, air, water and soil, and ensuring that the use of renewable resources is sustainable and to minimise pollution and wasteful consumption.

A commitment to sustainable development

We are committed to sustainable development and our ethical, environmental, social and economic outcomes, (EESE). We strive to improve lives everywhere we operate, aiming for a healthy, safe and sustainable environment. Considering the needs of the present generation whilst, at the same time, anticipating the needs of future generations.

Equal opportunities, social justice

We are committed to work within a democratic, equal opportunity and social justice framework; encouraging member organisations, wherever possible, to address issues of social inclusion and community cohesion

Quality, reliability, integrity, respect

We involve, consult, encourage feedback and provide services that meet the needs of members. We deliver what we commit to and keep those people affected informed of progress, subject to resources available. We are honest, trustworthy and straightforward in all our dealings, and use time, money and resources wisely. We involve and listen to others, and show consideration and empathy for their emotional and physical well-being.

Co-operation, collaboration, diversity

We work co-operatively, by asking for and giving support, and sharing success with others. We value others for their contribution, irrespective of personal differences, and provide equal access to opportunities and challenge any form of unfair discrimination.

Social responsibility, civil society

Acting responsibly should be fundamental to how we carry out every aspect of our work. We demonstrate this with passion to our volunteers, our members, the environment and society as a whole in a wide range of ways.

Aim and objectives (article 3 of the EFCF constitution)

The Federation's aim is to promote the interests and mutual co-operation of Kinderboerderijen, Jeugdboerderijan, Gezinsboerderijen, Fermes d'Enfants, Fermes d'Animation, Jugendfarmen, Aktivispielplätze, City Farms and 4H-Farms, similar organisations that actively promote the equal access and involvement of children, young people and adults through practical experience in a wide range of educational , environmental, recreational, social and economic activities focused around farming, empowering people to improve their own lives and environment in peaceful co-existence.

The Federation's objectives are to:

  • promote the exchange of information, best practice and expertise of people who are engaged in city farms and other community land based projects and their activities (including: community gardens, adventure playgrounds, food growing projects, environmental conservation and biodiversity projects and recycling ventures);
  • encourage the organic management of land;
  • promote education and training of members including: city farm board members, staff, volunteers, members and regular users;
  • promote transnational projects and exchanges both as hosts and visitors;
  • promote and aid the organisation of annual European Conferences;
  • maintain an active commitment to sustainable development principles and practices in all programmes and actions;
  • promote a programme of European co-operation and integration.
Additional objectives of the EFCF are to:
  • promote the work and the image of city farms and raise the profile of the EFCF, member federations and city farms;
  • help and facilitate member federations and city farms to deliver programmes, activities and research that benefit other federations and city farms;
  • distribute information, in particular good practice, to member organisations;
  • collaborate and network with other like-minded organisations (particularly community run land based organisations) to help further the aims and aspirations of member federations and their city farms;
  • empower people to improve their own lives and environment in peaceful coexistence.