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Creative Youth Exchange. Italy, 25 - 31 July 2022

Article in Offene Spielräume. 1.2023


Information about Youth Exchange and Voice of the Youth

Venue: Cooperativa Valli Unite

Maximum number of participants: 41 (youth leaders included)

This year the 4° EFCF youth exchange will be in Italy, organized by the Amici dei Boschi youngsters in collaboration with the Italian group Rete Educa Terra.

We applied an Erasmus+ with 5 partners: Germany, Belgium (Wallonia and Flanders), Norway and Turkey, we will know about it in the end of April. We have three main objectives we want to carry out in this youth exchange. One is to increase the participation of young people in the projects of the city farms, the second is to reflect about sustainability, more specifically about producing local food and involving children and young people in this process, and the third objective is to make youngsters aware about the importance of gaining intercultural experience and widening their horizons.

But the full program will follow later on. Together we will work on new ideas, we will organise a Skype meeting with youth from the different groups to plan the exchange according to their own wishes.

This youth exchange will take place at Cooperativa Valli Unite Cooperativa Valli Unite, located on hills near Alessandria at around 60km from Pavia.

Valli Unite is an educational farm (Fattoria didattica) where you can feel at home, a place full of respect for people, environment and animals, they practis natural agriculture and a sustainable lifestyle.

  • are you interested to participate the next exchange with youngsters of your farm ?
  • are you a young volunteer on a city farm and you want to join ?
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Information: ; Paola Lecardi