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Creative Youth Exchange. Deerlijk, Belgium 21 - 28 July 2019

The Bokkeslot-youngsters are very proud to host the next EFCF Youth Exchange in 2019 on, Belgium. After this year’s exchange in Dreieich, Germany on last summer, the Bokkeslot youngsters came back with only good experiences and the good flow to continue with the Youth Exchange, as they understand the importance of meeting other young people and see different places in another country!

They want to share how they participate on Bokkeslot city farm, be inspired with new ideas to develop on the farm, show and explain all about the farm's CSA-project and local food production and off course use the vegetables to cook nice meals … and above all that ... have a lot of fun together!!

* are you interested to participate in the next exchange with youngsters of your farm ?
* are you a young volunteer on a city farm and you want to join ?
* do you want to know more about EFCF Youth Exchange ?

Send an email to This is a first invitation to get to know interested people. As we are applying for Erasmus+, we need some information to get started. Keep an eye on

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