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Tour de Farms 15 - 23 September 2015

Tour de Farms

The European Federation of City Farms (EFCF) is a network of city farms in Europe and beyond. It has members in 11 countries. Each year a four or five day European conference is held in a member country to learn from each other.

This year the EFCF celebrates its 25th anniversary. On the occasion of this memorable event, four Norwegian cityfarmers will travel most of the route to the conference in Ghent, Belgium by bike! Their motivation and focus will be good health, healthy food, focus on food production and the importance of the knowledge of how and where good food is made. Stuff you can do around food

The cyclists will meet in Oslo and will start from there. The plan is to visit as many city farms as possible on the way and they hope that many people will cheer them on or come along for some distance. They will arrive in Ghent on Wednesday 23 September, when the conference will start.

Follow the heroes ...

Guro Kristi Holmberg,  married, 3 children. Nurse and works at Foerland 4H-farm, Stord Island, Hordalan


Maria Sivertsen works at Kampen city farm, Oslo


Helge Lindstad, fireman (just retired) and his wife Astrid, both working at Hauger 4H-Farm, Heggedal


Route and estimated arrival times

4.    Wednesday 16 September     10 am              Kiel (D)
       Wednesday 16 September      7 pm              Hamburg   

5.    Thursday 17 September         7 pm              Bremen

6.    Friday   18 September      afternoon            Bocholt

7.    Saturday 19 September          4 pm             Oss (NL)

8.    Sunday 20  September           3 pm              Breda

9.    Monday 21 September                                rest day

10.  Tuesday 22 September       afternoon           Deurne (B)  

11.  Wednesday 23 September    afternoon          Ghent